Playing Casino Poker For A Living

Playing Casino Poker For A LivingI quit a very good job as a Finance Director with a large pharmaceutical company to be able to take advantage of these benefits. I moved to “New Zealand for a couple of years and enjoyed a nice relaxing life. I am now back in the states and have the flexibility to live wherever I want. The great thing about Internet poker is that I can work around my social life rather than plan my social life around work. It is a good life. As with any job, playing poker for a living is not all fun and juegos de poker. This way you can feel like you are being paid and enjoy your vacation without worrying about money. You will have an unstable income each month, with the risk of actually losing money during a month.

If you recall from the “Bankroll Management” chapter, it is possible to play many hours and still lose as an expert player. To play professionally, you need to be the type of person that can handle these fluctuations. Although they shouldn’t happen too frequently, they will occur, and believe me they are not much fun . Once you estimate a projected income, remember to deduct the additional expenses such as Social Security and medical insurance to arrive at a net income estimate. I earned over $100,000 my first twelve months playing full-time at limits of mostly $20-$40 and $15-$30. A six-figure income is possible, but be sure to account for the downsides of the jo b. How to start !?? Where to learn how to play poker and master winning strategies !!

The most interesting and important point , is to start right! to learn how to play poker , you can begin with Learning Texas Holdem poker from , it’s the best and easiest variation of poker. And , of course you can learn and master poker online without spending a dime , by using play money , that all poker rooms offer to play for free before playing with your hard earned money . check , to learn , discuss , know the best poker rooms available at the moment if you are inside the US or outside and even watch tutorial videos. it’s highly recommend, and yes , it’s my first baby , my first website ;) .

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